More satisfied kitties in their Cat Cribs

Here is the latest batch of kitties in their Cat Crib cat hammocks! All of these felines have a new favorite place to hang out and catch some z’s. Do you have a photo of your cat in their Cat Crib? Send it to us! We have a monthly contest on our Pinterest page where the winner receives a giftcard to Petco. In order to be entered, all you need to do is send us a photo of your kitty in their hammock.

What is the Cat Crib? The Cat Crib is a cat hammock that attaches underneath your existing chair or end table. It gives your kitty a sling to sleep in. This helps cut down on unnecessary clutter in your home from other cat furniture and pet beds. It also gives your cat a comfy place to sleep!

You can purchase your cat crib cat hammock at our online store at

Nikkie Bug

Nikkie Bug dosing off in the Cat Crib.



Here is Nixxie on the lookout from her hideout.


Tie in Cat Crib Mel jealous

Mel is jealous of Tie who staked out the Cat Crib first.



Veronica’s new digs.


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